MHS Artists

Alix Winsby

  • Alix Winsby was raised by an artist, who supported her every artistic whim; this multidiscipline upbringing has been extremely beneficial to prop styling, set and production design. She profited from countless art classes, going on to study photography and art history at MassArt. Alix went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts in combined media at Hunter College in New York. Growing up in Massachusetts and briefly living in Paris, she now spends her time between Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley.

    Alix's work is inspired by nature and formally driven, infiltrated with equal bits of whimsy and vérité to enhance the psychological and aesthetic dimension of the project. Working with the director or photographer, Alix starts with extensive research to understand the piece as a whole, taking every opportunity to enhance the concept or narrative with aesthetic choices to create more points of access to the work.

    Alix's style comes from the fantastical worlds she created in her mind as a child, mixed with a realist view of how to economically craft and build the impossible. Alix grounds her work with texture, allusion, and connection, as she is besotted with the bits of realism that can pull the viewer into the scene and allow them to explore and daydream.