MHS Artists

Jacob Burstein

  • Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, MI, Jacob has always had a love for objects and art. After studying advertising at Depaul University, Jacob was searching for a more hands on approach to creating beautiful advertising campaigns. This passion lead him to study Object Design at Columbia College Chicago, where he focused in on styling and design, graduating in 2015. After brief stints working as a content creator for an NYC agency, a florist in the LES, and at a fashion house in Gramercy, it became clear to Jacob that objects were where his passions lay. Naturally, prop styling and set design was in his future.

    Jacobs background includes fashion-focused advertising campaigns, lookbooks, and editorials. As an artist, Jacob works with a variety of mediums, fiber arts being a major pull. Aesthetically, Jacob resonates with nostalgic iconography from the early aughts and all things Camp.

    With a deep rooted love for fashion, image, and object, Jacob creates a unique visual language that continues to develop with each project he joins. His happy and smiley nature makes him perfectly suited for a career in set design and prop styling.