MHS Artists

Laura Pariot

  • Born in the US but raised in a multiethnic household with a French father and Korean mother, Laura Pariot has always been influenced by these two different worlds, while still simultaneously embracing her American identity. She credits this mix of cultural influence has a pivotal part of her creative inspiration.

    After graduating with a BFA in Spatial Experience Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she entered the world of event and production design, working with brands including Cartier, Dior, Kate Spade and NARS Cosmetics among others. After 4+ years in this field, she made a natural progression into designing environments for advertisements and editorial work, which led her to meeting Mary Howard who she began assisting and refining her craft.

    With a diverse body of work that includes set, production and spatial design, Laura has the ability to work with various mediums and transform them into beautifully unique scenes and experiences.