MHS Artists


    Brooklyn-based Rhizome Creative is a multidisciplinary arts and technology company, specializing in sculpture fabrication, motion graphics and large-scale projection mapping installations. Like its namesake, Rhizome seeks to grow new creative roots with like-minded individuals around the world. We are adept in turning clients’ dreams into realities, able to find ready and cost-effective solutions to even the most technically difficult proposals. Our process allows us to function smoothly and produce high-quality work on otherwise impossibly small turnaround times. We are able to scale ourselves per project, drawing on a large network of talented industry professionals to meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

     Having been born out of Burning Man as a festival design and construction company, we pride ourselves in being able to work in all environments and foster good relationships with other production teams. We have long since expanded to work in high-end company events, corporate animation and design, branding, commercial photo and video, experiential design and large-scale building mapping, and technical video switching and management.


    Oliver Allaux

    Oliver is a multi-talented artist who believes in approaching all situations from a position of gratitude and kindness. Possessing an unwavering dedication to community, he embodies creative synchronicity to create stunning visual installations with all whom he encounters. From design to production, Oliver engulfs himself in the intent of the project and works passionately for the sake of continuity and elegance.

    He has worked on intricately mapped stages and buildings around the world, where every detail is paid equal attention and perfection remains the ultimate goal.


    Caleb Olson

    Before managing the technical aspect of Rhizome’s endeavors, Caleb grew up backstage in performing arts venues across Philadelphia. After leaving Pratt’s Media Arts department, he cut his teeth learning fast-paced event production under Joel Fitzpatrick Studios and quickly found a passion for video and pushing the creative process through technological infrastructure.

    With experience in theatrical, experiential and immersive video engineering, as well as hands-on time with most tools in the field today, Caleb hopes to build a platform for a unified creative process and continue pushing limits of technology for everyone’s enjoyment.





    Jack Kubizne

    Jack leads the content creation for Rhizome, able to produce the highest quality work with impossibly tight deadlines. His streamlined process has helped him to produce entire content packages for projects ranging from Perrier Art Basel and the SUMMIT LA conference to large-scale projection mapping for projects at Envision and Eclipse festivals and music videos for the popular band Animal Collective.

    He is easy one of the most versatile and creative working animators in New York City and is equipped to handle any and all creative challenges.