Bette spent her childhood between New York, Los Angeles and Ann Arbor. Her first job was at age 14, working craft services on a film set. Bette’s fascination with the moving image eventually gave way to a passion for still photography. After earning a BFA in Photography at The School of Visual Arts, she went on to work for gallerist Michelle Maccarone, who taught her the business side of the art world. After working briefly as a photo-assistant in New York, Bette moved to Los Angeles where she worked in wardrobe for movies before meeting and beginning to work for Mary Howard in 2003.

Bette still enjoys the challenge of a complete build—from concept to construction, frame to furniture and wall finish. She works closely with photographers Giampaolo Sgura and Liz Collins among others, as well as with editors, fashion directors, and stylists such as Carine Roitfeld, Samira Nasr, Melissa Rubini and Marie Sutter.

She learned about quality from her many years spent working with Mary. Her operating principle is that, while it is easy to prioritize cost over quality, she choses to think in terms of the image as a whole. She is consistently driven to make the best options work when it comes to quality of furniture and build. She pays close attention to shifting trends in fashion and takes the time to understand the photographer's work. Her work appears in Vogue, InStyle, Elle, Interview, Allure, Glamour, and Teen Vogue.