Originally from France, Dorothee was raised on every corner of the world, spending time in Nigeria, Pakistan, Italy and Kenya. Outdoor spaces and landscapes excited her from an early age and she traces her passion for design and environmental play all the way back to building playhouses out of found objects from her childhood travels. Through her practice of ballet she developed an early attraction to staging and the performing arts, which brought her to L'Ecole Superieure des Arts et Techniques in Paris where she studied scenography and interior design.

Her design career began in the film industry, where she worked after graduation as a prop buyer in the art departments of both indie and major film projects including Martin Scorsese's Hugo. She also intermittently produced and decorated events during her time in France and beyond.  She left film to pursue a career in fashion set design after a photographer and close friend pushed her to create sets for them on the side. The specific challenge of fashion photography that of rapidly rendering a set from concept to build, seduced her away from the film world and into Mary Howard’s elite sphere. She has been the Paris contact for Mary Howard Studio since 2011. In 2015, Mary proposed she relocate to New York and she now resides in Brooklyn.

Dorothee's work puts an effortless and graceful spin on timeless concepts. She has a gift for creating ephemeral spaces, whether the task be a fashion set, show or event. Her travels have given her the invaluable capacity to adapt to any situation and find solutions to any problem or request that can occur on set. She has collaborated with household photographers including Annie Leibovitz, Patrick Demarchelier, Norman Jean Roy, Alvaro Beaumud Cortes and Nathaniel Goldberg.