Mary Howard Studio

MHS Artists is a full service international production design agency representing the industry’s leading production designers, set designers, and prop stylists. Established as an artist’s collective around the core clientele, recognition, and achievements of Mary Howard’s personal career, MHS designers have each come up through the ranks after years of training and working alongside the Studio’s founder. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, MHS Artists plays a major role in the set design and creation of editorial and advertising content for many of the industry’s most celebrated fashion and media brands, while working for the most influential photographers in the world.

From concept to construction, MHS studio designers collectively outline, review, source and build every project—ensuring that each job benefits from the creative talent and hands-on resources of the entire team. Whether in studio, or on location around the world, MHS Artists consistently delivers on-time, on-budget and competitively priced set and production design services in addition to fabrication and around-the-clock prop rental. Specializing in cutting edge imagery designed to bolster or further enhance the allure and prestige of the world’s reigning global fashion empires, the Studio also works closely with newly emerging clients seeking to introduce, establish or reposition their brand on the world stage.